Scientists Shocked by Amazing, Anti-Aging Discovery

Secret To Staying Young Unearthed In King Tut’s Tomb

Discover the Youth-Renewing Secret Hidden for a Thousand Years

Secret To Staying Young Unearthed In King Tut’s Tomb

Discover The Youth-Renewing Secret Hidden For a Thousand Years

Dermatologists Discover Lotus Seed Extract Rejuvenates Skin!

Dermatologists selected women showing typical signs of aging:  wrinkles, sagging skin, dry texture, large pores.

After the very first application of  the Lotus Firming Serum, skin elasticity was measured. In just ten minutes skin appeared more hydrated and 55% firmer!
Doctors were astonished how quickly the skin responded to the Lotus Seed formulas.

The Doctors instructed their patients to use the Clientele Lotus formulas for 4 weeks. When the women returned, the Doctors were highly  impressed.  The women looked years younger. Their skin was glowing and radiant! 

Dermatologists Discover Lotus Seed Extract Rejuvenates Skin!

Dermatologists selected women showing typical signs of aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, dry texture, large pores.

After the very first application of the Lotus Firming Serum, skin elasticity was measured. In just ten minutes skin appeared more hydrated and 55% firmer!  

Doctors were astonished how quickly the skin responded to the Lotus Seed formulas.

The Doctors instructed their patients to use the Clientele Lotus formulas for 4 weeks. When the women returned, the Doctors were shocked that they looked years younger. Their skin was youthful, firm, glowing and radiant! 
The Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) has been revered for thousands of years.

In India and China, Buddhist Monks considered the lotus flower a symbol of longevity, youthfulness, and eternal life.

In King Tut’s tomb in Egypt, a Lotus blossom chalice was found with the inscription “may you live millions of years.”

The all-powerful Pharaoh would drink from the lotus-shaped cup, hoping to harness its power of eternal life.

Cleopatra also believed in the power of the lotus flower.

Egypt’s Queen was said to have taken lotus baths to preserve her suppleness and seductive beauty.

Why did different cultures, separated by thousands of miles and years, worship the Sacred Lotus Flower as a symbol of longevity and eternal youth?
For a long time, it was considered ancient superstition, without any merit in the modern, scientific world. Until one day a group of Scientists at UCLA set out to test the legend of the Lotus Seed.

What the Scientists Discovered Made World Headlines

UCLA Scientists obtained 3 ancient Lotus seeds from a historic Chinese lake bed. After they carbon dated them, they realized the seeds were 1,288 years old.

Determined to put the ancient legend to the test, the scientists planted the dormant seeds.

To their amazement, only four days later…

The 1,288 year old seeds sprouted into healthy, young Lotus plants, defying the aging process.

Scientists discovered that the lotus seeds contained powerful Antioxidants that protected the Seeds from being damaged by oxygen... (the same process that turns iron into rust).

But the big surprise was the Lotus Seeds also possessed a powerful protein repair enzyme never seen before. It allowed the 1,288 year old seeds to resist aging and stay young.
This special enzyme could repair DNA and is called methyltransferase or MT for short.¹

The discovery caught the attention of Patricia Riley, a Scientist, who led the skin care industry by first introducing Antioxidants in 1980. Pat and the scientific team at Clientele Labs set out to see what the Lotus would do for aging skin. They infused Lotus Seed extract into skin care formulas, then provided them to Dermatologists to test clinically. The results were shocking...
Dermatologist's Clinical Tests Prove Dramatic Results after just 4 Weeks:
82% Increase in Elasticity
60% Less Visible Pores
50% Reduction in Visible Wrinkles

82% Increase in Elasticity
60% Less Visible Pores
50% Reduction in Wrinkles

Improved Tone & Radiance!
Rejuvenate & Beautify with Proven, Patented Age-Defying Technology!

Peptamide Complex

  • Advanced Peptide Scientific Discovery
  • Increases Collagen Synthesis
  • Activates Youth Factors
  • Boosts Skin Cell Renewal
  • Helps Skin to Retain Moisture.⁹

Since1982, Clientele led the way with Antioxidants.
Our “clientele” look years younger than their age, 
with smoother, firmer skin. 

No other skin care has the patented Lotus Seed 
plus powerful anti-aging ingredients like these:

Rejuvenate your skin with our blend of:
  • Lotus Seed DNA Repair Complex plus,
  • Pentavitin® - for 72 hours of lasting hydration 
  • Hyaluronate - for holding 1000x its weight in moisture 
  • Actifirm® - for Firming with other natural Botanicals
  • ​Vitamins A,B,C,E - for Nourishing skin
  • ​Antioxidants, like S.O.D. to protect against free radicals
  • ​Newly Discovered Collagen Peptides

Clinical Studies Showed:
55% More Firmness in 10 Minutes!

After 4 Weeks, Over 90% of Subjects Showed:

  • More Hydrated, Smoother Skin
  • ​Improved Skin Texture
  • ​Increased Luminosity

"The longer you use Clientele, the younger you will look for your age! And that's a promise!"

Patricia Riley CEO/Founder of Clientele in 1979 &
Winner of Best Holistic Life Magazine
 Business Woman of the Year 2023

“I have used the Clientele Lotus formulas for 25 years--they keep my skin young! My son Patrick and his wife Melissa love them too."
Shirley Jones:
Academy Award Winner & Film Star
“I love the way my skin looks from using Clientele. I have used the products for a long time and see a big difference in my skin. I am in the public-eye as an Author / Motivational Speaker and need to have great skin and stay young looking. This works!"
Frank McKinney
"My skin looks amazing after using Clientele!  As a Model, I travel around the world and need to look my best with perfect skin.  
Clientele gives me just that! Fabulous skin! The Lotus is a Miracle.I Love it!"
Nicole Shelley
"My mother-in-law Shirley Jones is 88 and her skin is flawless because of Clientele. She got me started. The Lotus skin care is amazing. It  hydrates, firms and makes my skin glow. Friends and family tell me I look ten years younger. My husband Patrick loves it too!”
Melissa Cassidy
Broadway Choreographer & Dancer
"My friends can’t believe I have not had a face-lift!  My secret is Clientele day and night--the one-two punch that keeps my skin smooth & youthful. I tell my friends, if you want to be a 'knock-out', try Clientele! "
Carol Connors
Two-Time Academy Award Nominated Songwriter, who co-wrote the theme from “Rocky” .
”I used what I thought was the best serums and creams before to keep my skin young. I'd spend almost a $1,000 a year, but none of those expensive products gave me the visible results like I get from Clientele. My Mom and I both love Clientele skin care. It works and they offer great savings and service too.”
Cheree Farley

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Get the complete 5 Steps to Beautiful Skin
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Nourish, Protect & Replenish 
Perfect for All Ages. All Skin Types. Women & Men.

Get All The Steps You Need:

Step 1 Cleanse & Exfoliate

Soy Antioxidant Wash ($35 Value)

Gentle Soy Antioxidant Wash ($35 Value)

Gently suds away impurities and excess oils, with the restorative power of  Lotus, Aloe, Green Tea and Actifirm®. Leaves skin clean, fresh, and radiant.⁸,⁹

Exfoliating Sponge

Customers love this Sponge! It works with the Wash to suds away makeup and pollutants, as it gently exfoliates the dull, dry, rough surface layer, revealing fresh, moist skin with a healthy, youthful glow!

Step 2 Nourish & Firm

Lotus Firming Serum ($79 Value)

Fight loss of elasticity and enjoy firmer, more beautiful skin. Clientele Lotus Firming Serum contains the highest concentration of Sacred Lotus, plus so much more! Its like 15 Serums in One!!! Beautify your skin with Firming Plant Extracts; Antioxidants like Vitamin C, SOD, Lycopene and Lutein, Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea & Actifirm® to protect skin from free radicals that damage collagen. Tighten, smooth and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance with this patented breakthrough formula!!!

Step 3 Hydrate & Protect AM

Age Blocker oz ($70 Value)

Age Blocker ($70 Value)

Firming plant extracts are combined with powerful antioxidant vitamins, enzymes, and Clientele's age-defying sacred lotus seed extract to moisturize, firm, and beautify your skin. Lightweight and Oil-Free, it also contains Green Tea, Pine Bark extract, and Grape Seed Extract. Wear daily for moisturization and smoother, firmer looking skin.

Step 4 Nourish & Replenish PM

Firming Night Cream ($79 Value)

Firming Night Cream ($79 Value)

An All-in-One skin beautifier holds moisture over 72 hours and beautifies as you sleep. The formula rejuvenates with Lotus Seed complex; Firms with Elasticity Builders; Moisturizes with Emollients; Protects against “oxidative aging” with Antioxidants like S.O.D Melon Extract, Pine Bark, Grape Seed and Nourishes with Vitamins A,B,C,E. 

Step 5 Revive & Treat Your Delicate Eye Area

Firming Eye Cream 0.5 oz ($45 Value)

Firming Eye Cream ($45 Value)

Designed for the delicate age-prone eye area. This hydrating Lotus formula has been clinically proven to decrease the appearance of lines by 45%. See instant improvement! Use AM and PM, to smooth and firm your eye area. Look refreshed and younger.
Clientele’s exclusive patented Lotus Seed is clinically proven to:

*Decrease visible wrinkles by 50%

*Improve elasticity by 82%

*Increase hydration by 22% in ten minutes.

See your complexion look and feel smoother! 

Your skin will be moist, smooth, and younger looking.⁸,⁹,¹⁰
The Lotus Seed has the power to defy aging and live 1,288 years with its natural DNA Repair Enzyme.  

Clientele formulas are clinically proven by Dermatologists to rejuvenate the youthful appearance of the skin! 

Look Younger & Have Beautiful Skin with the Miracle of the Lotus!
Order Now!
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 
Take 60 days to see how beautiful your skin looks. We are sure you will love the results, or just call our in-house representatives for a full refund! 
Your satisfaction is backed by Clientele’s 45 years of expertise, and we want you to  benefit with ageless, beautiful skin!

About Clientele

Over 45 years ago, renowned Dermatologist Dr. Victor Witten originated his skin-beautifying formulas exclusively for his famed, “clientele". Patricia Riley, a chemist with a background in nutrition, was among them and was so impressed that she created Clientele, so everyone could benefit from the Doctor’s discoveries. Clientele products are manufactured in Florida at the Clientele Laboratories. You can reach personal Representatives at Clientele Monday thru Friday 10am - 5pm EST at 800-327-4660. They are happy to answer your questions and give you a personal skin consultation so you enjoy the best results. 
Clientele has pioneered many breakthroughs since 1979. You may have seen Patricia Riley on QVC over the years, or seen her in many magazine, discussing her company’s advanced anti-aging technology and the many “firsts” she pioneered in the beauty industry:
  • First “cruelty-free” skin care in fine stores. (1979)
  • First to use Antioxidants to fight “oxidative aging”. (1982)
  • First to combine Daily Nutrients with skin care for “Beauty from Within”. (1982)
  • ​First with the patented Lotus Seed DNA Repair Complex to reverse signs of aging and more....
For 45 years women and men have raved about how beautiful their skin looks from using Clientele!  Now you can, too!   

Only Clientele has the Patented Lotus Seed, with its natural DNA protein repair enzyme!
Each Clientele formula is also enriched with many natural active ingredients: firming botanicals, nourishing vitamins, protective antioxidants, and hydrating emollients!  

Your Skin will Look Younger. Firmer. More Radiant the Very First Day!

Don’t wait. Take advantage of this Special Offer & experience the age reversing power of the Lotus on Your Skin!
For more information, call: 800-637-8227



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